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Hate having different bookmarks on different computers? is the answer. This website allows you to save websites (ala favorites/bookmarks) to your account and then access them by logging in to their site from any internet connected computer.

However, don’t expect to be able to sort your bookmarks into folders, that’s not how works. Every website you add can be tagged with any number of key identifiers. For instance if you are bookmarking the podcast page for Grammar Girl (she helps with the spelling and such) you might add to it the tags: english, ela, grammar. You can then search your list of websites by any of your tags. This cross indexing makes it easier for those of us with swiss cheese memory to remember how we organized that website.

To make it easier has a toolbar you can add to Internet Explorer. When your on a website you want to add you just click on the tag button on the toolbar, describe and tag the website and presto it’s in your collection. Once you set up your account, access instructions on how to add the toolbar click here.

Be aware that the default setting for your websites is to share them with the world. Yeah it’s a good way to see where people that share similar interests are going but I’m old fashioned and don’t want to share, so I go into the settings and uncheck one box to keep mine private.

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