Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar.

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This tidbit only helps if you have a google account (really you don’t have one…I thought they were created at birth, hmm.  Click here then ) With your google account you will have access to gmail, googleapps (word,spreadsheet, powerpoint) and google calendar. It’s the latter that I wanted to talk about. Google Calendar is a neat web based calendar that you can keep private or share with others. Place appointments onto your calendar and get reminders, setup sub calendars and color code your life (it warms the cockles of my hyper organized heart). All this in itself is more than enough joy to justify the price (FREE), but now

Google has added a feature that allows you to sync your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar and vic versa. What this means is that based on the timing you set (min 10 minutes) Google will check your Outlook calendar for new or deleted appointments and make those changes to your online Google version, while at the same time taking appointments that you added to your Google calendar and putting them onto the Outlook one (Maybe you already knew what sync meant but thought I’d explain it anyway…)

Alright just to keep yourself organized this would be handy, but with the Google calendars ability to be embedded into any web page this allows you to post your Calendar to your Shen website. In itself you might not see a value in this, but if you used your Outlook calendar only for a plan book, you could then update your website with your current class plans in Outlook.

Required: Google account, Outlook loaded locally (sorry Citrix users) and an active Internet connection.

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