Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Software

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Microsoft WorldWide TelescopeThe following text lifted liberally from an email I received from hubblesite, it does require a download and install to use.

“Bring the power of the Hubble Space Telescope to your computer screen, browsing the universe for astronomical phenomena in striking detail. Hubble images in full resolution are now available through Microsoft Research’s free WorldWide Telescope (WWT) software. Pan across the constellations to find objects of interest and zoom in for close-ups, or zoom out for context. Hear professional Hubble astronomers explain the stories, science and significance of the objects in guided tours, or make your own tours to share with the public. WorldWide Telescope includes not only Hubble images, but a rich collection of visuals from both ground and space telescopes in visible light, infrared, x-ray, radio and other wavelengths. The universe in its full glory is yours to explore. ”

This software is like a planetarium on your computer but the level of detail way exceeds anything I’ve ever seen at a museum as it uses the Hubble space telescope. Users can develop their own tours of celestial objects or view those created by other with quick downloads, including audio. This program is a must look at for teachers of astronomy and those of us who dream of the stars.



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