Use google to create Custom Maps

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Google custom maps allow you to design and share maps with others. You may make a map of historical events such as the battles of the American Revolution, or chart the path of a novel. To begin customizing a map go to – login, if you aren’t already. Click the My Maps link below the logo, then click create a new map.

Type in a title and description for the map. Click in the search box to type in a location you would like to add to your map. When you correctly find the location you want click on the balloon and save to my maps, and select the correct custom map. While you are developing your map you can even collaborate with other and share the work load for completing a map.

Custon Map of American Revolutionary events

Custon Map of American Revolutionary events


You can now type additional information about the site, including web links, pictures and even embed video clips. Once you are done with your map and you want to share it with others, click the link button above the map and copy and paste the email url link. Send it whomever needs to use the map.


Check out my map of the American Revolution at

You could also have student create maps to correspond with different novels or historical events as teams or individually. (Students would need only be invited as collaborators and may not even need a google account -although this hasn’t been tested.)