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Microsoft won the browser wars when they beat Netscape. Of course nature abhors a vaccum so Mozilla Firefox rose from the ashes to offer Microsoft some competition and force them to make IE better. Now both IE and Firefox have a challenger to push them to innovate and its Google Chrome.

Chrome has quickly become my default browser. It has a few websites that are written in such a way as to not be 100% compatible, and then I load up IE and wait for the page to load.

Why Chrome over the others? Speed, Chrome loads pages much quicker then any of the other options. The interface is clean and simply while still allowing for most necessary features. The quick access to new tabs and the most commonly used websites feature also are big pluses. Typing a word/phrase into the address bar triggers a google search instead of a page not found, or having to type it in a different box.

You can also search websites from the address bar (by hitting tab after typing the address). What this does is executes a search of that website as if you used the search box that is on the website (ie: a book search on Amazon). In order for this tab search to work you have previoiusly had to use the search box on that website at least once.

Chrome includes a browse in incognito mode so that no cookies, or other traces of your viewing are saved locally.

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