Google Squared

Posted on June 4, 2009 by


This is a new google Labs product. It is basically a table based search product. You run a search and it compiles data by categories and fills in a chart with your info. Yo9u can add columns or rows of data to what Google finds to start with. You can also start from a blank table and add your search categories and develop your data as you go.squared

I did a search for “American Presidents”. It returned 6 entries based I believe on # of web pages. (George Washington, John  F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George W Bush, Jimmy Carter and Frnaklin Roosevelt) for those presidents it returned the following pieces of info Religion, IMage, Description, D.O.B,  and Political Party. A subsequent search for “United States Presidents” produced a completely different set of presidents and data points.

Google squared is an interesting tool that they need to put a little work into. It is best used to organize basic data about a subject in an easy to use chart. I would suggest skipping the search(after trying a sample one of two to see how it lays out data) and building your chart from scratch. Google will make suggestion on what data to add in either rows or columns after the initial column is filled in.

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