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For the last time, NO I don’t own stock in Google and NO they don’t pay me a salary, they just make great products. If you ever have need to conduct an online survey, forget Survey Monkey, forget setting up a FrontPage Database form, use your Google account to create an online form. This requires that you have a google or gmail account before proceeding.

To setup a google account go to if you would like a gmail and google account goto

You are now ready to setup your online form. Go to

formClick the create new button and select form.  You can now add questions to your form by clicking add new. Make sure to click on the theme button to add a little color and flair to your online form. You can then email a link to the form to anyone you’d like to fill it out and their results go into a Google spreadsheet.

Google forms also allows you the ability to share the results of the survey with everyone that particiaptes or to only allow them to complete the survey. Under more actions you can edit the confirmation they receive when completing it and if the results can be viewed.



Here is an example of a Google form


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