21st Century Skills institute at Union College

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These are stream of consciousness notes and will need to be edited extensively after the conference, so if you are viewing them in the meantime cut me some slack.

Introduction by Dr. Charles Detrick Questar Boces – Currently the passive model where a teacher conveys information to students sitting in neat rows will not allow us to meet state standards especially of our sub-groups that the state will be looking at.

Keynote – David Gibson (President of Vhooresville BOE and President and CEO of X-ray optical systems – Goal to give us insights into the workplace that our students will face. Description of what his company does and how it grew, changed and evolved. Alot of the companies out there won’t exist 3-5 years from now as the technological landscape changes so quickly. He has “learned how to learn”so he isn’t worried about having to get a new job in the future. Salaries based on your degrees. All his employees that make more than  $100,000 have multiple degrees. 21st Century Skills definition -Skills to be able to operate in an environment that is permeated with technology and is constantly changing. There really aren’t any low tech jobs anymore, all require some level of multitasking. Engineering is about problem solving, a lot of the people who graduate with engineering degrees no longer work as engineers. Although he hasn’t said it there will not be very many 30 year careers, it will be a series of different jobs. It’s a global business world now.

Teacher externship program – Have teachers work 6-8 weeks in a job so that they can see the skills necessary to work in these high tech companies. Problem solving, Cooperation and interpersonal skills, teamwork skills.

When do I use a  particular method of attacking a problem? Giving the students a skill set that they can choose and select from when working on a problem.

Breakout session -21st Century technology in the classroom – Denise Graminski, Hilary Delaware and Mike Sylofski

Polled us using text messaging and poll everywhere on whether we use facebokk/myspace? 90% said yes.
Second poll do you tweet? 81% never done it.
3rd Poll have you ever used a Wiki? Didn’t conduct this one electronically

Their whole presentation was presented using a wiki at http://fallinstitute.wikispaces.com/

Check out the connected learning video under item 3 of the way down on the page. It includes a nice piece on what the role of a teacher is in this process.

Small group discussion of technology rich and successful lessons.

Short discussion of the NETS-S and their history.

Breakout session #2 – 21st Century Skills Rubrics – Kathy Schadewald

Tech Valley High has school wide grading rubrics for things like Collaboration. New Tech Network provides infrastructure.  Peer to Peer and self assessment are part of the grading process.

 I thought this session would center more on program evaluation and instead it centered more on student evaluation.



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