BOCES Technology Awareness Day

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Again these notes will be live so be forgiving of spelling and grammar. Not really too concerned as only Adrien reads these as I do them.

Session one – Google Tools
Google in Quotes – compare two people based on their quotes. This one was interesting she compare Barack Obama with john McCain on various issues such as Health Care.
Wonder Wheel – search and narrow results using a mind map.

Google Sets – Use multiple terms to search and generates combo page.

Google Docs – Realtime collaboration, rather than waiting on each person to edit and reply. Not sure that I got much from this part of the session. When you copy a templated assignment does it keep the collaborators that were on original?

Documents are color coded based on who made changes/editions, so you can see what students contributed what information. Any individual document can be published as a webpage fro everyone to access.

Aps for Education – setup internal website with tools and the school control which apps are passed on to students. Can activate sites, docs, calendar etc.  This would lessen onsite storage of documents.

Google Earth – Nothing here that was really new, except Google ocean which deals with the topography of the oceans and the environmental variables.

Session Two – Verizon Wireless – Mobile Learning

Cathleen Noris – University of North Texas and Elliot Soloway University of Michigan – GoKnow

Started out with a presentation from Verizon on their products.

Trinity Intermediate School Keller Texas – Video on classroom cellphone use. Skethcy app(part of mle) for drawing on cellphone. Video was cute but not really a great example of educational use of technology.

“To teach 21st century skills and content.. need 21 st century tools”

1:1 laptops require a very robust network.

Mobile Learning Environment (MLE) – Product they sell that organizes students lessons on smart phones. with linked resources. Includes a sync feature that uploads materials to online eportfolio and server. INcludes apps

pico – inspiration lie product

sketchy – drawing and animation program.

July 14,2009 Arnie Duncan said Cell phones have place in the classroom. Not what I expected they really looked at school sponsored cell phone projects. $35 dollars per month per phone for unlimited data plan. Not really practical on a scaled up model. Very much a marketing presentation between Verizon and GoKnow.

Session Three – NERIC SharePoint services – Leah Groff

Moss vs WSS

Extras with Moss: Social Networking \My Site, Business forms (online completion and approval process)

This was more a tour of how sharepoint services work overall. We should bring her in to DITIC and show us the difference between what we are doing with the 2003 version and what we could do with the 2007 version.

Keynote – Lawrence Paska – NYSED – Coordinator of Technology Policy

His presentation is on flash drive provided to all attendees.

6 goals 12 action steps

Working non developing statewide portal for technology integration

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