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I’m doing some prep for a class tomorrow that I’m teaching on blogs and wikis and I’ve been looking for some videos on “New Media”. I’m amazed at the content that is out there on YouTube.  All of these are very thought provoking and I thought I’d pull a bunch of them together for you.  We’ll start with the shorter ones and then throw in the an hour speech that is fascinating.

Here are a couple quick videos that make you think about how to engage our students that are digital learners.

These are college level students. For more of a public school approach to a similar topic watch this next one.

This one is a little more specific and centers on the question of “Why let students Blog?” It’s done by a teacher in New Zeland, which I thought was interesting because we all deal with the same issues no matter where we are.

Here is another one about Why blog with students and it’s done by Lindsay Jordan at the University of Bath in England and has some really interesting points. Her blog is at

This one deals with the changing nature of writing (text) and  communication.

Several of the videos in this post are from a anthropolgy professor at the University of Kansas. His blog is available at

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