Top Ten Reasons why Chrome is now the #3 most popular browser and closing fast!

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10.) You can highlight text on a webpage then right click it to search Google using the highlighted text.

9.) You can search websites with a search feature right from the address bar. ie: Once you have used the search feature on Amazon, you can type amazons address and hit tab to do a search from the chrome interface before going to Amazon.

8) Browsing Incognito – When browsing incognito Chrome doesn’t save passwords, cookies, etc.

7) Extension – Chrome now supports browser extensions, these little plugin programs add functionality to the browser. I can instantly see if I have gmail, voicemail, and many other things by using extensions.

6.) It’s more secure

5.) Tabbed Browsing, but the tabs can be released and run as separate browser windows.

4.) If you accidently type in the address bar it treats it as a search instead of an incorrect address.

3.) It’s faster.

2.) Bookmarks sync across machines. (no matter how many machines you run chrome on they can all use the same bookmarks).

1.) It’s made by Google 🙂

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