Ustream live webcam broadcasting…

Posted on May 7, 2010 by


Gail recently had a request from a teacher whose class is hatching a chicken and he wanted the students to be able to watch/check in on their egg after school hours. He was hoping to be able to setup a webcam and have it broadcast 24/7/365. After an exhaustive look at Google and our firewall only one option presented itself, Ustream. Signing up for this free web service allows you to setup live webcam shows. You can control who sees the event, who can comment on the event and even who can chat about the event.

I haven’t completely thought through the educational uses for this, but just a   few could include: live broadcast of sporting/musical events, remote webcams for environmental monitoring (would require power, internet, computer at remote), simulcasting of open house to parents unable to attend, presentation of classroom projects to parents/business partners watching remotely, etc.

The live feeds can even be embedded into your own website so people never  have to leave your classroom page in order to see the video feed. Hopefully, I can update this post soon with a live chick cam feed as a demonstration.

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