Google Chrome Store!

Posted on December 23, 2010 by


As you may or may not know, Google Chrome is not just a browser it’s a future tablet/netbook operating system. In preparation for that google has launched a store to allow you to add free/paided applications to your browser. The store can be accessed by going to . There are lots of great apps here, such as the NY Times, Google Books (online reader) and Sliderocket. Although I’ve yet to spend any serious time yet using Slide Rocket it seems like a free viable alternative to PowerPoint and Prezi which allows you to host and share your presentations via the cloud. Once I actually get the time to play with Slide Rocket I’ll try to include a review.

Essentially Google goal with chrome and the store is to have your browser be the place you go to launch and run programs. Their are many advantages to this…
1.) Having all of your applications on all of your machines that use chrome (apps sync cross browser installations)
2.) Not clogging up your computer with installations of apps (They are run from the cloud)

or course this plan, involves you having a high-speed internet connection as anything less just won’t do and obviously you must be using google chrome as your browser not Internet Explorer (see early posts on how to get chrome).

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