Instant student assessment using vs. Polleverywhere

Posted on February 11, 2011 by


So I was scanning through the appmarket looking for ways to use my android cellphone as a teaching tool and came across, Teacher clicker by Socrative Inc. Currently this app and associated website are free. It is an android only app (although iphone and blackberry version are in development). With this app you can design individual questions or self paced quizzes that the students can take and complete online. Students with android can take the quizzes using the student version of the app.

Strictly speaking the app isn’t necessary. From their site

“Here are a few quick pointers:- You can run Socrative Teacher and Student Clicker from any device (computer, iPhone, iPod, etc.)

– From any browser, you can run socrative by going to (for teachers) or (for students)

– Most teachers run Socrative from their laptop and display it on a projection screen while their class runs Socrative from smartphones / mobile devices”


There are some initial problems with Socrative.
– Yes/no and multiple choice questions don’t appear on the screen just the choices do. (although you can get around this by creating a quiz but then the results don’t show)

-All answers are anonymous

As an alternative to Socrative is Polleverywhere

Polleverywhere has a much more polished user interface than Socrative. Teachers can design individual questions and then students can respond via a website or by sending a text. Answers update instantly and the results page can be embedded in PowerPoint or in a web page. The embdedding is a major advantage that polleverywhere holds over Socrative.

With the paid version of polleverywhere you can track results by user and conduct multiple question assessments much easier.