Promethean Releases PowerPoint Addon for Student Response Systems

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From Promethean Planet…

Promethean ActivOffice provides the award-winning collaborative features of ActivInspire to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation graphics program users, all without missing a beat. Designed for use in the classroom, Promethean ActivOffice allows teachers to lead the class in engaging, two-way lessons.

Transform lessons into powerful interactive PowerPoint® presentations with the ability to conduct real-time assessments. Add Learner Response System (LRS) questions both to new and existing slides. Register your LRS devices directly within PowerPoint® and manage/create questions quickly using Question Manager. Use the powerful Import/Export feature to import questions and export audience responses for further analysis. Annotate and save your notes for future use.

Efficient and Intuitive

Provides the tools you need to build upon what you already have. Fully functional and integrated.

Create new and update existing presentations. Annotate directly on to a slide.

Full Learner Response Integration

Full Learner Response Integration

Supports Assessment for Learning activities with individual students, groups and whole classrooms. Easily add questions and tests for use with Promethean LRS devices right into your PowerPoint® presentations .

Brand New Question Manager

Everything in one place to quickly create, edit and manage questions, generating question sets in an instant. Drag and drop, cut, copy and paste information and questions across pages and slide shows.

And There’s More …

  • Slide Show Toolbox includes:
    pen, highlighter, math tools, revealer, spotlight; persistent annotations, Express Poll.
  • Ribbon (easy Check for Updates)
  • Getting Started Guide
Here is a link to the Intranet document with more details.
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