Creative Commons Free Music Sources

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As lead teaches we get asked all the time by teachers and students where they can go to find royalty free music to use in a Movie Maker video, a Photo Story project or a podcast. Many artists license their works using the creative commons licensing scheme. There are many different types of creative commons licenses, but almost all of them allow for free non-commercial use. To find out more about creative commons licensing go to Creative commons licenses are for video, photographs and music.

Two excellent websites for searching for creative commons music are reviewed below.

This website has approximately 300,000 songs available for download and they are sorted by genre. To see the genre tag cloud, click on the music tab and select tags. You can then click on any of the genre tags to select/hear music from that genre. You can download entire zipped albums or individuals songs in .mp3 format.

Organized very similarly to Jamendo is the Free Music Archive. By clicking genre at the top of the screen you can pick from 15 different genre, each of which are further divided into sub-genres . Clicking the downward pointing arrow all the way on the right hand side of a track will download the mp3 file.

Both websites allow you to search for specific artists and they don’t seem to overlap very much. Please understand that if you can buy the music in a store or online it probably isn’t available through either of these outlets.

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