We Learn Tube

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 The NERIC (NorthEast Regional Information Center) has created a video hosting site, similar to youtube and vimeo. Using this site you can upload and share videos (of an educational nature) with students, parents and colleagues. Video can be viewed, searched and played directly from the site or embedded into your own pages. Because this service is provided through NERIC you don’t even have to setup accounts, every Shen teacher can login using their Shen credentials (Bull john and password for example). If you are embedding a video on your web page please copy the code (underneath the video) using a browser other than Internet explorer. To access this service go to http://shen.welearntube.org.  Note: You do not have to login to view videos only to upload them.

You may notice that the Lead Teachers are beginning to build a video help library here. It’s a good place to go to see help videos on common issues or to learn something new.

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